In 2022 we will continue our journey, increasing our efforts in terms of investments, projects, and community involvement.

The result was very satisfactory, based on new activities and investments that strengthened the commitment of the company and its people.

ESG Highlights

UN PRI Signatory since 2019
(Last Score A)

100% of funds covered
by the ESG performance
evaluation tool

Sviluppo Sostenibile, that invests also in
hydrogen value chain, implemented a
specific ESG Framework at fund level

100% of top management and
trained on ESG

Our sustainable path

ESG preliminary
assessment and framework.
Investors surveys

Setup of the whole
ESG Framework

Implementing of the ESG Strategy
PRI “A” score, Value Creation Tool,
Action Plan

Consolidating the ESG Approach, Engagement, SFDR, UN Global Compact

A Responsible

Protecting the planet
and empowering people

Value Creation
for the Community

Value Creation
for the Community

Our way to
invest responsibly

ESG sources and principles

“ARTICLE 8” INVESTMENT FUNDS (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088)

Taste of Italy 2 and Sviluppo Sostenibile have been classified under art. 8 funds and are committed to invest in companies that promote Environmental or Social characteristics and demonstrate appreciation and commitment to sustainability throughout their activities.