How to reach us

From Airport of

Taxi: 50km, 45-60 minutes.
Train: 40 minutes. Shuttle Malpensa Express to Milan Cadorna Railway Station. From here it takes about 10 minutes by taxi to reach our offices.
Autobus: Shuttle to Milan Central Railway Station. From here, please see the box to the right.
Taxi: 8km, 20-30 minutes. Autobus: 20-30 minutes. Line n. 73 towards Piazza San Babila. From Piazza San Babila walk for about 15 minutes following map directions or take a taxi.
Taxi: 45 Km, 45-60 minutes. Autobus: Autostradale to Milan Central Railway Station. From here, please see the box to the right.

From Milan Central Railway Station

Taxi: 15 minutes. Subway: 5-10 minutes. Yellow Line M3, stop at Montenapoleone. From here proceed on foot following the map directions.

Parking in the area

5-minutes walk. Autosilo San Marco: Via San Marco, 13 tel. 02 654093 Parking Car Brera: Via Brera, 3/A tel. 02 80 57537 Autosilo Pontaccio: Via Pontaccio, 8 tel. 02 8693355