DeA Capital, focus on agrifood

The upper part of the supply chain continues to attract the interest of the Fund.
Vertical Farming, Precision Farming and Smart Agriculture are the watchwords

Food, 29 June 2022

These are the numbers that testify to how important DeA Capital’s interest is in the food & beverage segment. Currently, the private equity fund management company has “parked” more than 450 million euros inside Italian companies, but the sum of the investment strategies dedicated to the sector even reaches 760 million euros.

In 2015 the creation of the first Taste of Italy fund started the project set up for food and, after just three years, DeA Capital completed its supervision with the IDeA Agro fund, a unicum in the panorama of Italian private equity that, unlike the others, focuses all its attention on the upper part of the supply chain, ranging from large agricultural development projects, managed with managerial and innovative logics, to investments in first processing companies with the creation of short, traceable and integrated Italian production chains.