Alessandra Patera for AIFI

Private Capital per il risparmio italiano

18 June 2022, Ischia

DeA Capital Alternative Funds sponsored the annual event “Private Capital for Italian savings” organized by AIFI and held on 17 and 18 June 2022 in Ischia.

The event was an opportunity to meet with leading institutional investors and to discuss on key issues such as the prospects for Private Capital in the current macro-economic context and in relation to geopolitical structures, investment strategies and megatrends, dynamics and benefits of the secondary market, how to build stable portfolios in times of uncertainty and invest in innovation to accelerate growth.

Alessandra Patera and Giuliano Palazzo participated in the initiative.

Alessandra Patera, Head of Marketing, Institutional Sales, ESG participated in the round table
“Building stable portfolios in times of uncertainty. The contribution of Private Capital”.