The Responsible Approach

2023 has been a year of reinforcing our ESG commitments and adapting to new regulatory frameworks. These efforts, rooted in past initiatives, have positioned us well to navigate the complexities of the modern financial landscape and pursue sustainable growth

Our approach is built as a constant dialogue among the three essential dimensions of Growth, Inclusion and Sustainability: Sustainability as a milestone route made by conscious choices and meticulous monitoring, Inclusion as the constant sharing of common values between DeA and the portfolio companies, Growth as the goal and the path as a meeting point between progress and inclusion

Shaping nature through
an approach
that protects and
respects it

ESG Highlights

PRI Signatory
5 Direct Private
activities with a score of 98/100 and in Direct-Fixed income- Private debt with a score of 91/100

Establishment of DeA Agro II Article 9 SFDR Fund, to be launched in 2024

GHG Emissions (Scope 1 and 2) calculated for all the companies within the direct funds portfolios

98.6% of employees have a permanent contract

A mutual and continuous
path towards the creation
of esg values

Our sustainable path

ESG preliminary
assessment and framework.
Investors surveys

Setup of the whole
ESG Framework

ESG Strategy
PRI “A” score, Value Creation Tool,
Action Plan

ESG Approach, ESG Engagement, SFDR, UN Global Compact

Climate Risk Assessment performed for Art. 8 SFDR funds

Climate Risk Assessment
performed for
all funds

Actions determined by the
measure of responsibility
and business ethics

ESG Sources and Principles

DeA Capital Alternative Funds draws inspiration for its sustainability process from numerous international institutions championing principles like human rights, environmental protection, and transparency.

The main sources and principles behind the sustainability process of DeA Capital Alternative Funds include:

To ensure alignment between internal guidelines and industry best practices, the Fund is dedicated to periodic reviews of its sources, maintaining consistency with established codes and regulations.

The repetitive motion of
the sea as a constant
action that is replicated
in the future

The power of people

Creating the conditions
for people to express their
potential according to
business needs

Empowering people

72 People
32% Women of total workforce
65% Men of total workfoce
25% of our people are less than 30 years old
18% Hiring rate
13% Turnover rate
98.6% of employees have a permanent contract

Our people by education level in 2023

A Responsible Company

The esg framework
articulated in the various
areas and business

“article 8” investment funds (regulation (eu) 2019/2088)

Taste of Italy 2, Sviluppo Sostenibile and Flexible Capital Fund have been classified under Art. 8 funds and are committed to invest in companies that promote Environmental or Social characteristics and demonstrate
appreciation and commitment to sustainability throughout their activities. All funds aim to invest in companies with strong ESG profiles, meaning they manage ESG risks or have serious ESG commitments in place compared to their peers and competitors.

“article 9” investment funds (regulation (eu) 2019/2088)

DeA Agro II was established in 2023 but will be officially launched in 2024. DeA Agro II is a fund classified as an Article 9 fund under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Article 9 funds are investment products that promote environmental or social characteristics, or have a sustainable investment objective, according to the SFDR. These funds are specifically designed to have a substantial positive impact on sustainability factors and are subject to stricter disclosure requirements compared to other types of funds.