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  • First alternative investment fund reserved for Banking Foundations according to performance targets, liquidity, risk and consistent allocation with the indications of the Foundations themselves. The pre-identified asset classes contemplate investments in private equity, private debt and infrastructures having a predominantly international geographical focus, mainly in Europe and the United States.

  • Multi-manager investment program. It is composed of three pockets which can be accessed separately: Core (diversification by geography / strategy similar to the previous funds of funds), Credit / Distressed (targeted to investors who privilege liquidity), and Emerging Markets (targeted to investors who privilege high risk / return). Similarly to the previous funds of funds programs, the investment team focuses on early liquidity thanks to secondary transactions and credit funds that allow stable distributions.

  • Multi-manager fund reserved to qualified investors. Its investment strategy repeats the one of ICF III Core pocket.

  • Global private equity multi-manager fund with equal geographical allocation among United States, Europe and Emerging Markets. The portfolio has been diversified by strategy as follows: large buyout for approximately 21%, small-mid buyout for 37%, “opportunistically” special situations for approximately 11% and the remaining 31% for Expansion and Venture Capital. Also this program has selectively completed secondary market transactions in order to support its cash liquidity profile.

  • The first global private equity multi-manager fund established by IDEA CAPITAL. It focuses on buy-out, venture capital, expansion and distressed funds. The program has allowed a good diversification by geography with approximately 28% allocation to Europe, 6% to the United States, 40% to the rest of the world, and a 20% global allocation. Thanks to its secondary transactions, the investment program was able to diversify extensively, returning to investors excellent cash liquidity. The portfolio vintages span from 2000 to 2010.

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